“What can I say? I've never met a cupcake I didn't want to get to know better.”

― Jasinda Wilder, Big Girls Do It Better

PLEASE NOTE: This page is only for reference for weddings and large events: At this time we do not accept small orders less than 100 cupcakes.

Due to the high volume of catering orders and events: your selection of various cupcake flavors will limited to 1 flavor per 50 guests, and no more than 3 flavors per any single event.

(Each Cupcake is $3.00 each unless otherwise noted)

Vanilla Bean/ Classic White- A light as air vanilla white cake base, piped with Vanilla Bean Buttercream! typically garnished with a sprinkling of Signature Scratch Catering Light Blue sanding sugar. However, the sugar can be colored to match your event.

Chocolate- A chocolate cake base, filled with vanilla buttercream, dipped in Scratch-made chocolate ganache, and then those timeless white swirls are added with additional vanilla buttercream. Move over Hostess!

Chocolate-Chocolate- A chocolate cake base, piped with a rich chocolate buttercream garnished with white pearl sugar decor, or chocolate pearl candies

“We Go Together”- Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, It’s our classic Chocolate cake base pipped with our Signature Vanilla-Bean Buttercream! Cause that’s the way it should be. Wah-oooh, yeah!

Cream Cheese Frosted:  (Each Cupcake is $3.00 each unless otherwise noted)

Red Velvet- A light red cake base, piped with CC frosting, and because sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t- pecans or optional!

Gingerbread- my grandmothers spicy ginger bread base, piped with CC frosting, and garnished with either a mini gingerbread cookie or piece of candied ginger.

Carrot- carrot cake base (with or without walnuts and raisins) piped with CC frosting and  garnished with candied carrot strips

Key Lime- Lime cake base piped with CC frosting and topped with a slice of fresh lime

Pumpkin Pie- pumpkin bread cake base, piped with CC Frosting laced with Pumpkin Pie spice.

New for 2020: Churro Cupcakes- a spiced cinnamon cake base rolled in cinnamon sugar after baking, piped with a cinnamon spiced cream cheese frosting!

“Red Hot Kinda Love” We take our Classic Red Velvet Cupcake and spice up- the cake base by adding a touch of cinnamon then the cupcake is piped with CC frosting, and garnish it with a Red Hot Candy! (A Cinnamon Bear can also be used as garnish)

My Favorite Things: (Each Cupcake is $3.00 each unless otherwise noted)

Neapolitan- marble white and chocolate cake base, with Strawberry SMB

Banana Split- Banana Cake Base with bittersweet Chocolate Chips, piped with SMB and topped with a stem in tact Cherry.

Grand Marnier-Vanilla cake base, piped with Grand Marnier and orange zest buttercream.

S’mores-Crispy Graham crackery, candy disk base with a fluffy chocolate cake middle, then pipped with whipped Marshmallow Meringue and toasted with an open flame torch!

Mint Chocolate Chip- vanilla mint cake base speckled with bittersweet chocolate chips, topped with piped mint laced SMB and garnished with a mint leaf.

Snickerdoodle- Vanilla cake base spiced with Cinnamon, piped with Cinnamon laced buttercream, garnished with large crystal clear sanding sugar. (Can also be garnished with a mini snickerdoodle cookie-adds .50 cent per cupcake)

French Toast- our snickerdoodle cupcake, with Canadian maple syrup added to the buttercream, garnished with Mini White Nonpareils!

Cosmopolitan- drunken vodka cranberries are tossed with my vanilla cake base and piped with lime zest ladened SMB and garnished with a dried cranberry

Cherry Coke- coke cake base, pipped with Cherry Buttercream, garnished with white sprinkles.

Jack&Coke- Classic cake base flavored with Cola syrup, after baking the tops of the cupcakes are bushed with a Scratch-made Jack Daniel’s Simple Syrup, then piped with Maraschino Cherry buttercream.

Pink Grapefruit Margarita- fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice cake base, brushed with Scratch-made Silver Tequila Simple Syrup, topped with honey infused pink grapefruit buttercream frosting laced with hand zested Pink Grapefruit zest. Rolled in Pink sanding sugar-like salting, i mean sugaring the rim.

Confetti- A light as air vanilla white cake base, speckled with multi colored sprinkles piped with vanilla bean butter cream, and sprinkled with additional multi colored sprinkles! (*Great for Birthdays)


Snowballs- a “Classic” with icing rounded and rolled in coconut shreds, choose either Classic Vanilla bean Base or Chocolate. (Chocolate Version “ Coo-Coo for Coconut”)

Lemon-Lemon cake base filled with lemon curd, and topped with vanilla SMB and garnished with a
lemon wedge candy.

Raspberry/Lemon- lemon cake base topped with raspberry buttercream, and white sprinkles.

Blueberries and Cream- a light vanilla cake base swirled with scratch-made blueberry jam, topped with SMB, and a fresh blueberry.

Strawberries and Cream- a light vanilla cake base swirled with scratch-made strawberry preserves, topped with SMB, and fresh strawberry.

Salted Caramel- Chocolate cake base, with Caramel Buttercream, and Sprinkled with large speck fleur de sel.

Pretty in Pink- Chopped Maraschino Cherries are tossed in a vanilla cake base, piped with SMB and garnished with a stem in tact Maraschino cherry

Chocolate Fleur de Sel- Chocolate cupcake base piped with rich chocolate frosting sprinkled with fleur de sel.

Cookies and Cream- Vanilla Cake base speckled with crushed Oreos, and Vanilla Buttercream topped with a
full Oreo cookie

Strawberry Malt- Strawberry Cake base, piped with Malt laced Buttercream, and garnished with a pirouette cookie.

Chocolate Malt- a vanilla malted cake base, dipped in chocolate ganache garnished with a single
chocolate malt ball candy.

Bailey’s Irish Cream: A sweet moist cake base, flavored with Bailey’s Original Irish Cream, piped with Bailey’s Original Irish Cream infused buttercream, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Azteca: Classic Chocolate cake base with a kick of hot chili’s. Piped with chocolate ganache infused with Ancho Chili’s and Garnished with a candied Jalapeno ring.

Samoa: Chocolate cake base with Caramel Buttercream, rolled in toasted Coconut flakes.

Pistachio- Scratch-made Pistachio Butter laced cake base, piped with Pistachio laced Buttercream, garnished with a roasted, salted, shelled Pistachio nut.

Amaretto-Cherry: Classic cake base flavored with Amaretto Liquor, piped with Maraschino Cherry Buttercream, garnished with a Cherry.

Carnival: Classic cake base flavored like Cotton Candy tinted Scratch Catering Services signature blue, with matching light blue Cotton Candy Favored Buttercream, garnished with White Sprinkles.

German Chocolate: A chocolate Cake Base with that Classic Pecan and Coconut Frosting

Mariah: Local organic honey is added to a Buttermilk cake base, and then the cake is piped with the honey infused 1/2 Cream Cheese and 1/2 Buttercream Frosting, and garnished with yellow sanding sugar.

“Glinda the Good”: Classic White Cake base flavored with Bubble Gum flavoring, lightly dyed pink, with matching Bubble Gun Flavored Classic Buttercream frosting garnished with a pink bubble gum ball, for those who wish to travel by bubble.

“Veruca Salt”: Classic Vanilla Bean Cupcake infused with 3 types of gourmet salts: Bretagna Grey Salt, Himalaya Pink Salt, and French Fluer de Sel. The tops are then garnished with gold dragees. This salty yet sweet confection will leave you screaming “I don’t care how, I want it now”.

Sinatra: a Blue Velvet Cupcake, piped with Cream Cheese Frosting, and garnished with 23 karat edible gold (This premium cupcake is $4.00 per cupcake, current price of gold at time of order may make this cupcake even more expensive: please request current quote before ordering)

Cheesecake Cupcakes  (Each Cupcake in this section is $3)

Lemon Cheesecake: Garnished with whipped cream and fresh Lemon wedge
Lime Cheesecake: Garnished with whipped cream and fresh Lime wedge
Pink Grapefruit Cheesecake: Garnished with whipped cream and fresh Ruby Grapefruit wedge
Orange Cheesecake: Garnished with whipped cream and fresh Orange wedge